Master of Science in Education:
Major in Early Childhood Literacy

Build a Foundation. Develop Independent Readers and Writers.

Founded on the research of noted national experts, the Early Childhood Literacy online graduate program provides a comprehensive literacy curriculum for PK-4 teachers. It explores tools and resources to empower students to discover the many joys of reading and writing. Courses focus on how to engage and coach students to understand, remember, and synthesize what they read, and to communicate what they have read, both verbally and in writing. Unlike traditional master’s degrees, you will be able to apply the strategies and techniques from this program directly into your classroom as you progress through each course.


  • Increase student listening and reading comprehension
  • Improve student reading fluency and vocabulary development
  • Create a language-rich classroom environment
  • Utilize word study for effective reading instruction
  • Build competency in student literacy
  • Develop students into independent readers and writers

Early Childhood Literacy

What Students Say

What Students Say. Find out how each of our programs have enriched our learner's careers and their classrooms. See how the strategies they learn enhance their own practice and impact student achievement.