Course Descriptions

Letter of Endorsement: Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching

The Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching program will be ending as of the Fall 2017 semester.  For more information contact Anne Butler at Wilkes University.

EDAM 5013: Teacher Leadership

Teacher leaders are agents of change. This course guides educators in facilitating change at their schools by exploring school culture and experiencing the power of reflective practice.

3 credits
Prerequisites: None

EDAM 5020: Instructional Coaching I

This course defines instructional coaching and provides depth on initial coaching strategies used by new coaches as they develop their roles within a school.

3 credits
Prerequisites: EDAM 5013

EDAM 5021: Instructional Coaching II

This course provides additional coaching strategies used after the role has been established and provides depth on evaluating program success using student assessment results.

3 credits
Prerequisites: EDAM 5013

EDAM 5022: Problem-Based Approach to Instructional Coaching (K-12)

This is a comprehensive instructional coaching course designed to address a range of grade levels and content areas. Using a case study approach, the course provides examples of dealing with content areas and grade levels that are unique to specific certification areas, and the teaching dilemmas and situations that are encountered when coaching K-12 teachers. Issues arising with special education and racial and socio-economic diversity are also addressed.

3 credits
Prerequisites: EDAM 5013, EDAM 5020, EDAM 5021

Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching

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