Course Developers

Master of Science in Education: Early Childhood Literacy

Multiple Experts

A panel of highly regarded literacy experts designed content for the Early Literacy Series. In developing this content, the panel considered the findings of the National Reading Panel as well as the research and works of noted national experts in the field such as Dr. Isabel Beck, Dr. Gay Su Pinnell, Dr. Irene Fountas, Dr. Timothy Shanahan, Dr. P. David Pearson, Dr. Louisa Moats, Dr. Marie Clay, Dr. Richard Allington, Dr. Michael Pressley, Dr. James Flood, Dr. Marilyn Adams, Dr. Edward Kameā€™enui, and others. A set of guiding principles of literacy instruction was identified, developed, and woven throughout the courses. The teaching strategies that are addressed in the courses are evidence-based practices and the result of scientifically based research. Additionally, learners are introduced early on to the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model (GRRM), which serves as a recurring theme and guiding force throughout the series.

Early Childhood Literacy

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