Master of Science in Education:
Major in Art and Science of Teaching

Become an Expert Teacher. Increase Student Achievement.

The measure of an educator’s professional success depends on how well students learn and apply knowledge. Dr. Robert Marzano’s research has revealed a set of key strategies teachers can utilize to hone their skills and help their students succeed. Synthesizing nearly 40 years of his own research, Dr. Marzano designed the Art and Science of Teaching online graduate program to equip educators with strategies and practices that translate into measurable changes in the classroom and result in increased student achievement. The only one of its kind, Dr. Marzano’s innovative program for K-12 teachers includes study guides, activities, and immediate, real-world classroom application.


  • Improve student learning and comprehension
  • Engage students in active participation
  • Help students develop critical thinking skills
  • Match teaching strategies to specific student needs
  • Apply theory and practice directly to the classroom

Learn why Dr. Robert J. Marzano designed the Art & Science of Teaching master’s program with Learning Sciences International, and how the program can help educators in all roles.

Art and Science of Teaching

What Students Say

What Students Say. Find out how each of our programs have enriched our learner's careers and their classrooms. See how the strategies they learn enhance their own practice and impact student achievement.