Master of Science in Education:
Major in 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Infuse 21st Century Culture. Prepare Students for Today’s World.

In today’s media-rich culture, students have access to more learning resources than ever. The 21st Century Teaching and Learning online graduate program addresses the challenges and opportunities of how constantly changing technology, vast amounts of information, and ambiguous situations affect the learning process. Designed specifically for middle school and high school teachers, this program provides strategies to adapt classroom instruction to meet the needs of 21st century students.


  • Integrate technology for collaboration and innovation
  • Enable students to connect critical thinking with creativity and problem-solving
  • Improve student communication skills in various in-person and technology outlets
  • Prepare students to apply what they learn to real-world scenarios
  • Develop students into self-reliant, lifelong learners

21st Century Teaching and Learning

What Students Say

What Students Say. Find out how each of our programs have enriched our learner's careers and their classrooms. See how the strategies they learn enhance their own practice and impact student achievement.