Interview: Lynne Wassatt on the Art and Science of Teaching Program

The Art and Science of Teaching is one of the most beneficial and worthwhile programs I have ever taken.

K. Steigerwalt

Art and Science of Teaching

This entire course was well organized and executed.  I have taken several online classes and this was, by far, the best experience I have had.

M. Becker

21st Century Teaching and Learning

This course was very well organized.  It was my first Internet course, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to navigate through all aspects of the course.  Well done.

R. Englert

21st Century Teaching and Learning

The instructor for this course was amazing. I learned a great deal that I am already putting to use in my classroom.

P. Williams

Early Childhood Literacy

Thank you for a wonderful 1st online course experience!  I was nervous about taking classes online, but everything was laid out so well that it quickly put my anxieties at ease!

L. Fulton

Early Childhood Literacy

I really enjoyed the course. I learned a great deal from it and feel I really grew as a teacher. I look forward to completing more courses. I would recommend this masters program for all teachers.

L. Duval

Early Childhood Literacy

I like how I am able to work at home and work at my own pace.  With having a full time teaching job, this program enables me to have time to finish my school work as well as my grad school work.  The information was relevant and I am using suggestions/ideas from the course and other classmates.

B. Fritz

Early Childhood Literacy

I just enjoy taking these classes! They are so relevant to my teaching. I feel I am developing skills and learning new strategies that will only help in my development as an educator.

E. O’Donnell

Early Childhood Literacy

I have truly changed my philosophy on teaching after taking this course.

D. Schmidt

21st Century Teaching and Learning

I found this course very valuable!  I have a clear understanding of the components of an effective literacy program.  I will definitely use this information in my own classroom.  I can not wait to start my next course!

M. Plath

Early Childhood Literacy

Excellent course! What I learned on Monday I could immediately implement on Tuesday—that’s what I call getting my money’s worth!!

S. Jankowski

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Compared to other online classes I have taken, this site was much easier to navigate. The step-by-step instructions and assignments were explained in detail and easy to follow.

C. Kilpatrick

21st Century Teaching and Learning

I appreciated the encouragement and the personal responses.  I will remember that this is one thing that motivated me while I am teaching my own students

M. Brown

21st Century Teaching and Learning

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